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Bring Back Canadian Bead Oasis Shows!

Help us bring back these shows which remain in great demand from customers and vendors!

Donate to us directly if you would like to contribute:
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Our Story:

Canadian Bead Oasis Shows has been a favorite of customers and vendors alike for 9 years. It was a retail consumer trade show featuring beads from around the world. As well as providing beautiful eye candy and beading products to an affectionate customer following which persists to this day, it was also a key source of income to the numerous small family-owned businesses, importers and retailers, microbusinesses and bead artists and artisans and instructors for 9 years in major cities across Canada from coast to coast. The show also brought many classes by prominant Canadian bead instructors to cities across Canada.

Canadian Bead Oasis Shows or CBOS as we called it was also the first Canada-wide bead show circuit, from 2 shows annualy in downtown Toronto, an annual show in Montreal and Calgary for 6 years each, and several shows in Halifax and Vancouver. It ran shows from 2004 through to its latest show in Montreal in 2012, when it was put on hiatus because of the declining retail economic climate. At its peak in 2010 it had 6 shows per year and did span the country coast to coast.

As the organizer of CBOS I have had many contacts weekly to the present day as to when the shows would restart. Demand is there and I thank our loyal customer and vendor bases.

The realities of running bead shows in a country of Canada's population haves always been challenging, and even in better economic times most of the shows were not profitable. In the current economic climate it is not possible to run these quality shows in quality safe accessible downtown venues at a profit. Especially as I have always tried to keep booth fees and admission fees reasonable to be supportive of the beading community. Running a show event is always risky. Venues must be booked and monies paid in advance to acquire space and a date.

But with our team, you know we can do it, as we have done it for 9 years, in cities far from home where we had never operated before, with differing population sizes, vendors and venues. And you have told us that you want us to do it again.

So it is up to you, our supporters, to help us revive the dream. Customer or vendor, with your donation support, we can work to get a Canadian Bead Oasis Show happening again, starting in Toronto. With enough of your support we hope to be able to also revive the Montreal show and a show in western Canada again.

But we need your help.

Your donations would be used as follows:

- support for the show organizer to find venue, dates, staff, suppliers, vendors etc. for a Toronto show in 2015 or early 2016.

- initial downpayment to venue to hold space and dates until booths are rented by vendors;

- advertising outlays;

- hiring our show floor manager for the onsite show date;

- acquiring any other ancillary suppliers such as power that may be required based on venue.

Any funds in excess of what is needed above to mount a Toronto show would be put toward organizing another show probably in Montreal or Ottawa or area.

Donation does not guarantee a show will be possible despite best efforts, as it depends upon risk factors such as: having enough vendors rent booths to pay for the rest of show expenses; finding an affordable venue to work with us.

On bahalf of the Canadian beading community which told me so many times that they have both enjoyed these shows and found the shows contributed to their beading lives, I thank you for helping support the work to revive Canadian Bead Oasis Shows.

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Read Our Show Blog!
Read Our Show Blog!

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